About Us

“Welcome from the  Uccello Brothers!”
Flo’s was founded  on April 29th, 2011 Daniele and Davide Uccello. It was a dream  the two brothers had ever since they started working for their father at an early age. Daniele has always had a passion for cooking and Davide has always had a passion for service. It was a match from day one! Davide was 19 and Daniele was 24 when the two brothers started talking about it. There was little support  from anyone  besides  their  father  and mother  Salvatore  and Franca Uccello, others thought  they were  too young. The two Sicilian born brothers  never  gave  up and after  years  of persistence it finally happened! Ever since then the two brothers  and their management  have been committed to provide excellent service and authentic Italian food at the right value.  Lastly as you cruise the menu you will be looking at recipes that have been brought to America from generation past. You will also  be looking  at recipes that have incorporated various local vendors such as Krupp Farms, Saranac Farms, Merchandise Supplies, and Sunrise Bakers.

Plan Your Off Premise Event

Let the Flo's staff plan your event from start to finish. Our Off-Premise Event planning is an all in one service. We will organize your party from the smallest needs to your greatest desires!

Plan your On Premise Event

Want us to find you a location? No problem, we have an network of locations that we can use for your event. Just let us know what area you would like and we will do the research for you. On top of that will will completely plan your event from all the little needs to your greatest desires!

Meet with Our Chef

At Flo's we treat you like family! Our chef has knowledge that can assist with a variety of subjects. From talking about our event services and catering to learning how we make our food and where our recipes originate, our Chef is here to help. Let us know what you need!